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Kelly Mueller

I have been sewing, and sketching throughout my whole life, due in large part to my mom. She always dabbled in all kinds of crafts and always let me join in on the fun. My dad does beautiful woodworking and carving. My grandparents, Bear and Rosalie, did oil painting, photography, cake decorating, quilting, woodworking…creativity has always been in my life.

I went to college at Missouri Western State University on a basketball scholarship (yes, basketball!) and earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. I got the accounting degree knowing that someday I would have my own craft business. I was just waiting to find the craft that I thoroughly loved, that could succeed as a business, and allow me to concentrate on my number one love, my family.

I didn't actually try quilting until the end of 2000. My husband's grandmother, Maryon, sent my son an adorable quilt she made with pieced squares and cookie cutters to make appliqué shapes. I thought, " I can do this!" So, without any previous instruction, I dove right in, had some success, and was immediately hooked. In 2002, when I couldn’t find a fall quilt I liked, I purchased a large graph pad and designed my very first quilt. The local quilt shop owner encouraged me to make it into a pattern to sell. So, I began selling the patterns in her store, and then the store in the next town, and The Wooden Bear business has been growing ever since.

My first fabric collection for Red Rooster was fun to design! The fabrics perfectly reflect the personality of my patterns. The collage-style panel blocks set the stage for the collection with each block showing a woodland creature happily involved in some aspect of quilting. The rich colors used throughout all of the prints have made this collection so warm and inviting.

About The Wooden Bear’s style:
The projects that I like to make are the quick, simple quilts that can be completed in a day or a weekend. So that’s what I like to design. As most of my quilts feature a cute country critter or seasonal appliqué, we like to say that The Wooden Bear specializes in little quilts with a lot of “character.” Check out my website at to see my books, tea towels, graphics, and more!

Fabric Collections: