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The Sew It Book Collection
by Amy Barickman
These delightful fabrics, based on the 1929 classic sewing book, provide plenty of vintage charm in this charming medallion-style quilt! The large panel motif is showcased in the center of this 51 square quilt and is framed with multiple borders. Four smaller panel blocks are used in the corners of two of the inner borders while pieced spool blocks are perfect choices as the corners of the checkerboard border. While this quilt design would be a good choice for a beginning quilter, its strong graphic appeal makes it an ideal project for anyone! Decorate your sewing room or give as a gift to a fellow sewer!

Machine quilting was provided by A Needle Runs Through It. With all of the straight seams in the design, you could easily use in-the-ditch quilting along with some simple curved motifs (gentle cables would work well) in the un-pieced borders. Consider outline quilting around some of the motifs in the large panel block to add textural interest and definition to the design!
Download Pattern (488 KB pdf file)